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 Austin's Wilderness Fishing Lodge

 Pashkokogan, Ontario -- (403)   585 - 2055  


Austin's Wilderness Lodge is located on the famous Albany River System. As such the fishing is awesome year around. This is a superb Walleye fishery. Catching your limit anytime is not a problem. You can count on a daily shore lunch in any number of beautiful spots. Northern Pike grow quite large here often going over forty inches. These fish put your line to the test!



Austin's Wilderness lodge is located in the heart of Ontario's Woodland Caribou Country. Although rare you have a good chance of seeing some here. We are also located north of the common tourist areas so Moose, Bear, Deer, Lynx, Fox, Mink and Ermine are abundant. Ducks and Geese abound as do the Loons. A day on the lake will provide you with numerous photo opportunities!



Austin's Wilderness Lodge, first constructed in 1953 by Howard Austin, consists of seven cabins. All are picturesque, have indoor restroom facilities with access to a shower house, include housekeeping, and all the utensils and linens you will need during your stay. All of the cabins are on the waterfront and include their own dock.